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Compact Dual Polarimatric X-band Doppler Weather Radar WR-2100

Classified as one of the smallest and lightest Weather Radar available in the market!


1) FURUNO, which has earned the leading market share in marine Radar, provides Dual Polarimetric X-band Doppler Weather Radar WR-2100.
2) High-precision, real-time monitoring of precipitation intensity using Dual polarimetric Doppler information.
3) Classified as one of the smallest and lightest Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar available in the market (Radome diameter: 108 cm, Radome weight: 68 kg)

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Soaring needs for Weather Radar that stem from intensifying extreme weather
 A number of arguments on the global scale as to how to tackle problems arising from extreme weather, such as short localised rainstorms, tornados and other adverse phenomena, have been taking place recently. Subsequently, urgent needs have been recognised for the solution of localised weather forecasting as part of social infrastructure so as to protect human lives and assets from unexpected natural disasters, i.e., river floods, landslides, etc., hence delivering better safety and peace of mind to the society.

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Simple and Low-cost installtion & Operation
  1. Manpower installation, No heavy machinery
  2. No tower or building for radar installation
  3. Shortening of installation time 
  4. Low power consumption utilizing a household power supply

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*This system is designed by the customer and supported by FURUNO .

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