JBP Activities

Our Mission

  • To contribute to the global society in the field of Disaster Management,
  • To enhance the Partnership with concerned parties for mutual communication,
  • To promote the Disaster Prevention prior to the occurrence of natural disasters, and
  • To provide the Holistic Solutions through the Japanese integrated disaster management.

Our Activities

Accomplishing our mission, we hereby take international and domestic activities as follows;
1. International Activities
International Conference
Promoting the concept, practice and technologies of the disaster prevention at various international conferences such as the 3rd UN World Conference of Disaster Risk Reduction
Collaboration Dialogues
Participating in the Japan MLIT initiative “Disaster Management Collaboration Dialogues” with concerned partners
Collaborative Partnership
Enhancing the collaboration for disaster prevention among countries and international organizations

Inter-governmental Workshop
Promoting the JBP solutions and exchanging information at the bilateral inter-governmental workshops
Purposeful Presentation
Organizing, giving or attending presentation events with the relevant parties whenever the opportunity arises
2. Domestic Activities
Open Platform
Organizing a place for multilateral discussions beyond the compartmentalized framework of various fields such as administration of government for disaster management, practical and technical strength of industry, and the latest knowledge of educational institution
Task Force
Forming Task Force individually to the specific issues to find out the solutions and share them with partners
Interchange Conference
Conducting periodical study sessions or workshops that are open to anyone who belongs to the JBP members