Japan Bosai Platform

Providing Japanese Disaster Management Globally

Regarding overseas development of technology of disaster reduction, based on the strategy for export of infrastructure system (cabinet decision on May 17), the Japanese government is going to contribute to the improvement of disaster reduction in the emerging countries centered on Asia and to take the demand of building infrastructure, making use of advanced technology and knowledge for disaster reduction in our country which are cultivated in the past experiences of disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake.

As part of the effort for the above policy, in order to proceed the overseas development of technology of disaster reduction of our country more effectively, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has decided to develop disaster management collaboration dialogue to match the needs of governments of partner countries with the seeds (seeds of innovative technology) owned by private-sector business appropriately by proceeding dialogs with respect to collaborative framework of disaster reduction at usual times, in collaboration among government, academia and government. The dialogs include the details of cooperation in the event of natural disasters.

After further understanding towards the potential needs of each country by those efforts by the Japanese government, comprehensive solutions need to be provided by business collaboration in a wide range of areas and by industry-academia-government collaboration.

Japan Bosai Platform is established on June 4, 2014 with the aim of providing a place where parties concerned gather together beyond the industry segments and fields of industry-academia-government, and where private-sector business can realize the concrete outcome in collaboration with the Japanese government and international organizations, and contributing to resolve the issues worldwide.

Disaster Management Collaboration Dialogue

For overseas development of the technology in the disaster reduction of our country, we intend to take the initiative in mainstreaming of disaster reduction utilizing the experience and technology of our country as an advanced country in disaster reduction. With our country’s advanced technology and knowledge in disaster reduction learnt from our past experiences of disasters, we aim to promote to improve the structure of disaster reduction of our partner countries, and to take in the demands of infrastructure in the partner countries.

For developing countries which have issues in disaster reduction, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) is developing the effort of the disaster management collaboration dialogue for each country to strengthen collaboration between two countries in cooperation with relevant organizations, and in cooperation with industry, academia, and government in both countries as a matter of normal practice.
“Disaster management collaboration dialogue” is taken effect with industry, academia, and government of both countries participated. Its aim is to discover and share the issues in disaster reduction through dialogues as a matter of normal practice and to find out solutions.

This new platform has been constructed to provide a place which effectively provide a place where parties from industry, academia, and government can participate in order to strengthen the domestic collaboration and coordination of industry, academia, and government which support the above action.

Expected Benefits

  • Maintaining networks and mutual technical knowledge and information with highly consistent effort.
  • Matching the technology and solution of public and private sectors with the needs and issues of partner countries through the cooperation of industry, academia, and government.
  • Through the partnership as a matter of normal practice, timely and appropriate response to the needs of partner countries when a natural disaster strikes.