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Since commercializing the world's first fish finder in 1948, FURUNO has supplied many types of products for the marine electronics market. By using its exclusive knowledge of ultrasonic and electronics technologies, FURUNO has developed a great variety of products that have been world firsts and Japan firsts. Especially, FURUNO produces several tens of thousands of marine radars a year and holds a share of over 40% of marine radar in the world.
Based on technology developed for marine electronic equipment, FURUNO is providing system solutions to support everyday safety and peace of mind by offering systems that predict meteorological events, such as sudden localized heavy downpours, with weather radar, and geological events such as volcanic activity and landslides using ground displacement monitoring systems.

Industrial Classification / Corporate Specialty in the Classification

Development & Sales of Marine Electronics and Industrial Electronics products

Development & Sales of Marine Electronics products

Bosai Speciality

Major Bosai Solutions

  • Sales of Compact X band Weather Radar System
  • Sales of Ground displacement monitoring system

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Corporate Profile


9-52 Ashihara-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo 662-8580, Japan

Tel. : 81-798-63-1270

E-mail : info-wrfuruno.co.jp

Website : http://www.furuno.co.jp/en/index.html

Date of Establishment : 23th May, 1951

Capital : 7,534 Japanese Million Yen

Numbers of Employees : 2905 / as of 29th February, 2016

Countries of Office Location :

Domestic: Hyogo, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Hachinohe, Ishinomaki, Kushiro, Yaizu, Hiroshima and etc. Oversea: USA, UK, France, Demark, Spain, Germany, Itary, Singapore, Indonesia,China(Shanghai, Hong Kong) and etc.

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