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GPS-based Automatic Measuring and Monitoring System ”shamen-net”

Real-time GPS displacement monitoring service


Ground displacement measurement with the exclusive, low cost and high quality GPS, and provide precise surveying data over the internet. At the monitoring center this solution can be provided for 24 hours as management assistant services. The measured results are available any time, anywhere, in the real time over the internet. Providing information including rainfall and weather forecast.

Solution Illustrated


With the growing rate of internet access and the development of the low cost GPS based automatic measuring and monitoring system, it became possible to develop 24 hours automatic monitoring GPS system by solving the problems of slope surveying such as low quality, high cost, wasting time for data reduction, difficulty for data evaluation and maintenance.
By the lounching of new quasi-zenith satellites, the quality of GPS monitoring and surving will be improved, and it is expected that this improvement will be useful for the preventions of landslide disaster and large-scale of construction disaster.

Exposition of the Solution

・Low cost with monthly fixed rate (including GPS equipment and communication fee)
・New analysis technology bringing measurement with high accuracy (approximately 2 mm)
・Management assistant services  by dedicated engineers to monitoring for 24 hours
・Useful for early warning and evacuation.

Achievements of Examples

 Introduced this solution to over 300 custmers by civil engineering and consulting services as monitroing for landslide, highway, steep slope, dam.

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