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Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Stimulating the industry of disaster and climate resilience technologies

Stimulating related industries of technologies and solutions that can be utilized for disaster management and contribute to improving the resilience of society, including overseas


We promote the creation and expansion of resilience-related industries in order to enhance disaster management, resilience, and climate change adaptation in a future society facing with economic growth and changes in social structure and values. In addition, we propose a desirable social or industrial institution where preparation for disasters is highly evaluated as a measure to increase organizational values in both normal times and times of disaster. Through these contributions, we promote proactive disaster management while achieving economic growth in ordinary times and reducing damages in times of disasters by reforming the conventional forms of self, mutual and public assistance and establishing new forms of public-private partnerships and pursuing more prompt recovery and reconstruction.

Solution Illustrated

Japan, a disaster-prone country, has developed various technologies and solutions to improve its resilience to disasters. Advanced research and technology development on climate change prediction and impact assessment have also been progressed particularly in the field of storm and flood disasters. Promoting the implementation of these technologies and solutions in Japan and abroad will help to minimize disaster damages and expedite recovery and reconstruction, as well as foster related industries that contribute to strengthening resilience.

Exposition of the Solution

We support improving resilience in society by working in both "stimulating demand" and "increasing supply" of related technologies and solutions.
(1) Formulating strategies and policies for stimulating related industries
  • Formulating industrial policies, strategies for international expansion, etc.
(2) Establishing the environment for both "stimulating demand" and "increasing supply" of related technologies and solutions
  • Supporting R&D and demonstration
  • Developing standards and certification frameworks
  • Organizing stakeholders and systems, designing and developing various systems

Achievements of Examples

  • Research and consulting for industrial policies in the field of resilience
[Overseas achievements]
  • Research, feasibility studies, and consulting for international expansion of disaster management business
  • Supporting standard development of related technologies and products

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