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Hybrid Water Storage & Flood Prevention System

Water storage / infiltration systems with filters and flow control functions (Systems used for Flood, Stormwater, Firefighting, etc.,)


"Hybrid Water Storage & Flood Prevention System" is a highly functional storage system that combines water storage / infiltration facilities, filters to remove impurities during inflow, and flow control functions during outflow.
By combining storage facilities with equipment, it can be used for flood control and water storage.

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In recent years, climate change caused by global warming and other factors has caused various disasters, including flooding due to increased heavy rainfall from storms and torrential rains, and droughts due to prolonged lack of rainfall.
In addition, frequent earthquakes in different regions have caused damage to storage facilities and reduced facility functionality, both of which need to be reseolved.
By combining earthquake-resistant storage facilities with separation functions using filters, etc., and outflow control functions, it is possible to enhance the functionality of the storage facility and implement measures.

Exposition of the Solution

❶ Storage facilities
Various storage facilities are used depending on the purpose, scale, and duration of storage. Storage facilities may be also used alone.
【Large-scale, component assembly type】

【Multipe placements and connections】

【BOX culvert tank with bulkhead】

【flood control measure】

【for fire / earthquake protection】

【separate storage】

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