《Member Companies' Topic》Challenge Co., Ltd., Recent activities of Challenge

01 June, 2022 Topics
JBP introduces various Bosai Solutions of JBP member companies.
Today, we introduce about the activity of Challenge Co., Ltd. which deal with seismometers with network and alarm system.

We are a company that manufactures disaster prevention and crime prevention products.
We are developing our business with our main products being the EQ guard, an earthquake early warning device with a built-in sensor, and the school guard and hospital guard, which are wireless emergency call systems.



1.EQ guard, an earthquake early warning device with a built-in sensor.

The EQ guard uses a high-performance built-in sensor to notify you of an earthquake before a large tremor occurs.

Product features
  1. A built-in sensor directly detects the preliminary tremors of an earthquake and immediately notifies the occurrence of an earthquake.
  2. English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean
    It supports 10 languages, Indonesian and Portuguese.
  3. It can be displayed on the map in real time on the PC screen.
  4. Seismic intensity forecasts and grace times at each site can be displayed and managed in a list.

Community alarm system
The EQ guard works by itself. At the same time, you can install multiple units and connect to a data center via the Internet to build a regional earthquake / tsunami warning system.
When an earthquake occurs, the EQ guard near the epicenter detects the P wave and sends the information to the data center. The epicenter is identified based on the information collected in the data center, and the magnitude, depth, and latitude / longitude are delivered to each terminal. The terminal calculates the seismic intensity and the number of seconds of arrival from the epicenter information and issues an alarm.

The information gathered from each EQ guard can display real-time waveforms through the server.

<Case of introduction overseas>

 Since 2019, we have been collaborating with the Earthquake Research Institute to install an EQ guard in the Tekeli area in 2021 and to link it with smartphones.

Meeting with the Ministry of Emergency Situations


2. Wireless emergency call system School Guard and Hospital Guard


The wireless emergency call device School Guard is an epoch-making system that can notify the staff room in the event of an emergency by simply pressing the remote control, confirm the room number, and then take immediate action. It is used not only in schools but also in hospitals.

There are five characteristics of the school guard.
  1. You can easily make a report from the classroom to the staff room by simply pressing the remote control.
  2. Wiring work is easy because it is wireless compatible.
  3. The transmitter can be freely relocated wherever there is a power source.
  4. It can be additionally installed in up to 250 rooms.
  5. The running cost is low because the operation test can be done easily.
It has been introduced at 1300 schools nationwide.


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