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WILL Mixing Method

Soil Mixing Technology showing high-performance mounted on conventional excavator


High mixing performance by special mixing blades (Ribbon Screw)
Easy installtion even to stiff and hard ground by assisting device (Boomerang Blade)
High-performance control system including track navigation

Solution Illustrated

Special mixing blades (Ribbon Screw)
  • making mixed soil rocked in 3 dimension
  • providing highly efficient mixing

Special device (Boomerang Blade)
  • helping it drive in hard ground.
  • High-performance control system
Providing operator friendly monitoring
  • Providing highly reliable quality control
  • Navigation system
Low environmental impact
  • vibration, noise and ground displacement
Conventional excavator
  • providing easy and prompt mobilization
  • assuring safety


River bank on alluvial ground has higher potential of serious failure during and after earthquake. The failure is caused not only by soft ground but by liquefaction.

Ground replacement or cement soil mixing may be preferred as suitable measure because soft soil bearing silt and clay refuse compaction procedure like Sand compaction piles.

The Tohoku earthquake has realized that Tsunami attacks easily eroded the foundation of sea dike. It is necessary to reinforce the foundation to prepend the erosion. The foundation of river bank also need such reinforcement during flood.

On the other hand, large piling machine usually utilized in deep soil mixing faces to difficulties to apply to recovering work after failure of river dike and embankment after earthquake.

Exposition of the Solution

WILL Mixing has higher performance and productivity comparing with other deep soil mixing due to utilizing conventional excavator. Treatment depth commonly ranges to 10m deep although the maximum depth is to 13m.

Remediation of foundation under river dike usually requires soil mixing to 10m deep and prefers WILL Mixing because the project favours simple and prompt preparation of working platform. High mixing performance produce reliable soil mixing even in inhomogeneous and gravel-bearing ground. Also Will Mixing provides various alignment including block treatment and lattice treatment.

Investigations about erosion of sea dike foundation demonstrates efficiency of WILL Mixing at foundation of revetment. High mixing performance guarantees uniform and hard soil mixing block as foundation.

Performance in accessibility is crucial to recovery work. WILL Mixing on conventional excavator assures short assembling and installation of  soil mixing even on slope and/or on uneven platform. 

Achievements of Examples

Mitigation of the foundation of failed river bank to prevend liquefaction

Recovering work after failure of rail embankment due to erthquake

Stabilization of mining tail after earthquake

Lattice treatement against to liquefaction for facilities

Foundation of plant facilities in overseas project

Preventing of Tsunami erosion to foundation of sea dike

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