New member company: Gaia Vision Corporation

09 August, 2023 Topics
Save people with climate science technology

Let us introduce our new member company "Gaia Vision Corporation".
Please check the introduction of Gaia Vision Corporation.

We are Gaia Vision Corporation, a new member of Japan Bosai Platform.


Gaia Vision is a climate change startup from the University of Tokyo. We support companies and local governments to accurately understand the risks caused by floods and climate change and take appropriate countermeasures.We develop web applications using flood simulation technology and climate science, and provide our services to clients in various industries, including global manufacturing, consumer goods, infrastructure companies, financial services, and municipalities. Our solution can be used for risk management and information disclosure on climate change and water resources, such as TCFD/CDP/ISSB/etc..


As a solution, we offer Climate Vision, a climate change and flood risk analysis platform.The platform enables clients to analyze flood risks at their sites around the world and take measures considering future climate change impact. It also provides a function to calculate the expected amount of damage, which can be used to assist companies in making decisions on risk mitigation investments and in climate change-related disclosure reports.


In the future, Gaia Vision aims to develop an integrated risk analysis platform for other climate change risks (storm surge, heat wave, extreme heat, etc.). We are also developing a solution for predicting flood risks in the next few days to mitigate disaster damage through proactive response.


Through the activities of the Japan Bosai Platform, we hope to work together and contribute to the reduction of damage caused by disasters around the world. We look forward to working with you.



◆Gaia Vision Inc.