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Weathernews Inc.

A tragic shipping accident in 1970 that claimed the lives of several crew members triggered our founder Hiro Ishibashi to establish Weathernews to realize the righteous idea, “I want to protect the lives of mariners”.
A market that started from maritime weather service has now expanded to land and air. Now Weathernews provides round-the-clock risk communication services everyday of the year to customers in over fifty countries to help people adversely affected by the weather and other natural disasters.
A changing global environment means more phenomena like typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones and flooding from torrential rains running rampant across our planet, so countermeasures against these risks has become a more important theme for us.
By developing unique sensory infrastructure for correctly identifying the meteorological and geological phenomena that occur in each global region, and deepening our collective understanding of their risks for every country, we shall provide each and every person on Earth truly useful weather-driven content service in their part of the world.

Weathernews is collecting and analyzing weather observation data from nearly 10,000 observation equipments that have been installed by Weathernews, local government and companies all over the country. There is only WNI is the company who handle that much weather observation data, WNI also reflect it into our own forecasting model to improve the forecasting accuracy.

Industrial Classification / Corporate Specialty in the Classification

Weather information service

Provision of corresponding measures and solutions for weather risk

Bosai Speciality

Major Bosai Solutions

  • Providing various countermeasures information for weather risk.
  • Provision of construction and observation information of weather observation infrastructure.

Corporate Profile

Weathernews Inc.

Makuhari Techno Garden, Nakase 1-3 Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, 261-0023 Chiba, JAPAN

Tel. : +81-43-274-5590

E-mail : dim-contactwni.com

Website : https://global.weathernews.com/

Date of Establishment : 11 June, 1986

Capital : 1,706 million Japanese Yen

Numbers of Employees : 1,012 / as of 31 May, 2019

Countries of Office Location :

Japan:Global Center (Headquarters),Sapporo,Sendai,Niigata,Kanazawa,Nagoya,Osaka,Hiroshima,Takamatsu,Fukuoka,Naha Asia:Hanoi,HongKong,Jakarta,Kathmandu,Manila,Mumbai,Seoul,Shanghai,Singapore,Sydney,Taipei EU:Aberdeen,Amsterdam,Copenhagen,Hamburg,London,Paris USA:Oklahoma,New York South America:Sao Paulo

Last update: 16 October, 2019