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OYO Corporation

OYO Corporation is expert who has wide profound expertise and abundant experience relating to overall earth science, such as geology, geophysics, soil mechanics, civil engineering, hydrogeology, environmental engineering, biology, etc. We examine substances and characteristics of the earth, groundwater, conditions of natural phenomenons and disasters with utilizing our expertise and skills, to evaluate its impact on business activities and our society, for offering the best solutions.
One of the major missions is to contribute to our safe and secure society, which can be sustainable. OYO provides prominent engineering services to investigate and design against geohazards in slopes, embankments, and reclaimed lands from its long and rich experience of geological and geotechnical investigation.

Industrial Classification / Corporate Specialty in the Classification

Consulting and Manufacturer

Providing consulting services and instruments

Bosai Speciality

Major Bosai Solutions

  • Hazard Mapping
  • Disaster Management Plan
  • Geological Investigation and Design for Accident Prevention and Disaster Recovery
  • Monitoring Service for Earthquake, Landslide, River, and Underground watar
  • Sales for Monitoring Instruments

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Corporate Profile

OYO Corporation

7 Kanda-Mitoshiro-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8486 JAPAN

Tel. : +81-3‐5577‐4501

E-mail : aono-kaorioyonet.oyo.co.jp

Website : https://www.oyo.co.jp/english/

Date of Establishment : 2nd May, 1957

Capital : 16,174 million Japanese Yen

Numbers of Employees : 1,050 / as of 31 December, 2015

Countries of Office Location :


Last update: 09 April, 2024