New member company : Vertex Co., Ltd.

17 April, 2024 Topics
Let us introduce our new member company “Vertex Co., Ltd.”.
Please check the introduction of Vertex Co., Ltd.

Vertex Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have joined the Japan Bosai Platform.
Vertex Co., Ltd. was founded in 1935 as a manufacturer of precast concrete products and has been providing various concrete products, slope failure prevention products, and maintenance of concrete structures.
・ Flood control products for water storage and infiltration, water storage tanks for fire prevention, earthquake-resistant culverts/manholes, and concrete products with various functionalities.
・ Protective barriers for rockfall and slope failure which are developed through structural analysis and numerous actual experiments.
・ Construction know-how and maintenance expertise required for the above solutions.
We have created these products through our accumulated experiences and daily technological developments.
We will contribute to achieving as much safety and security as possible by providing disaster prevention solutions and construction methods to cope with water-related disasters such as flooding and sediment-related disasters such as rockfalls, shallow landslides and debris flow.
◆Vertex Co., Ltd.