《Member Companies' Topic》Challenge Co., Ltd., "EQ Guard," has recently collected observational data from the earthquake that occurred in Morocco on September 8th.

17 September, 2023 Topics
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In this article, we will introduce the efforts of Challenge Co., Ltd. in Morocco regarding their seismic early warning device, "EQ Guard," which has a track record of successful deployments worldwide. It has recently collected observational data from the earthquake that occurred in Morocco on September 8th.

1. Background

In 2020, we received information from UNESCO that Morocco is considering earthquake countermeasures. We then started working to address this issue. In addition to receiving reference and advice from Professor Emeritus Hiroo Kanamori of the California Institute of Technology, we also learned about the earthquake situation in Morocco through reports from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). (Japan International Cooperation Agency).
Initially, it was planned to be installed in four locations in the Rabat-northern coastal area After careful consideration, it was proposed and agreed that we would expand the plan to seven locations, adding stations in places such as Hoceima and Fes. We were aware that an earthquake had occurred in the Marrakech region, but based on the CNRST (National Council for Scientific Research and Technology) plan and earthquake occurrence data, we decided that it was urgent to focus on earthquake countermeasures in the northern region.

2. Installation and Evacuation Drills

On January 17, 2021, we visited the CNRST headquarters in the capital Rabat and held discussions. Afterwards, we installed EQ guards and conducted evacuation drills using actual equipment. We also visited universities and research institutions that planned to introduce the system, and held explanations and discussions. 

This area was hit by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in 1994 and a magnitude 6.3 earthquake in 2004, creating a strong sense of crisis and anxiety among local residents.

3.Observation Data

The CNRST headquarters, where EQ Guard is located, is approximately 350 kilometers from the epicenter. EQ Guard has sent the following real-time observation data to the Tokyo Data Center.

  • Time of occurrence: (September 9, 2023 07:11:01 JST)
(September 8, 2023 22:07:11:01 UTC)
  • Detection time: September 9, 2023 07:12:05
  • Distance from the epicenter: 352.8Km
  • Observed seismic intensity: MMI5
  • Observed waveforms:

CNRST also reported that an alarm sounded when the earthquake occurred.

4. From now on

Adressing the damages by earthquake and working towards recovery is a challengong endeavor. Regarding future initiatives, we would like to collaborate and cooperate with CNRST and UNESCO as much as possible.