《Member Companies' Topic》SHIBATA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD | University student influencers provide an opportunity to think about disaster prevention to protect precious lives. "Disaster Prevention THE PRESS" to provide you with an opportunity to think about disaster prevention.

31 March, 2023 Topics
JBP introduces various Bosai Solutions of JBP member companies.
Today, we introduce about the activity of “Disaster Prevention THE PRESS" by SHIBATA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. 

“Disaster Prevention THE PRESS" is a project to disseminate information on disaster prevention using digital tools together with young influencers. This project started on June 29, 2020 as a CSR initiative of “SHIBATA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. ”(Head office: Akashi-shi, Hyogo Prefecture; https://www.sbt.co.jp). Together with influencers, we want to be a bridge between large-scale infrastructure development and day-to-day efforts in each household regarding disaster preparedness. To this end, we want to make disaster prevention more accessible to the public. This information dissemination project was started with this in mind.

Disaster prevention is something that is necessary but easily forgotten in daily life because we do not know when it will happen. That is why the influencers themselves will experience a variety of topics from the familiar to the worrisome based on the keywords "disaster prevention" and "disaster," and disseminate information to help people incorporate disaster prevention into their daily lives. The program provides opportunities to learn and to experience things, and to share their thoughts and feelings through their experiences, so that people will be inspired to incorporate disaster prevention into their daily lives.

This project is also included in the "Fiscal 2022 Private Sector Initiatives to Strengthen the National Land Stability" published by the Cabinet Secretariat's National Land Stability Promotion Office. We conduct interviews throughout Japan with the Cabinet Office, Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, and other local governments, companies, and organizations. By utilizing university student influencers who do not have expertise in disaster prevention, we are able to provide information on disaster prevention from a perspective that is easier to understand and communicate.

■Main interviewees
・Deputy Director, Office for National Land Toughening, Cabinet Secretariat: Mr. Hitomi Godo Counselor: Mr. Masato Komatsu "Initiatives for National Land Toughening" (2022)
Hyogo Prefectural Disaster Countermeasures Center: "Introduction of the efforts to promote My Evacuation Card and evacuation with the Corona Vortex while coordinating information in a timely manner" (2022)
Kobe City Crisis Management Office: "Participation in evacuation drills at various locations and introduction of new initiatives while maintaining timely coordination of information.
Junior Chamber of Commerce, Japan: "Introduction of disaster prevention efforts and participation in events while maintaining timely coordination of information" ・JCI, Japan Junior Chamber of Commerce, Japan
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. "Introduction of Tokyo Gas's initiatives in times of disaster and initiatives during normal times.
Japan Rescue Association: "Rescue dogs and therapy dogs dispatched in times of disaster".

■Media coverage:
Curation site: https://www.disaster-prevention.jp  
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bousai_official/  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bousai_official  
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwZJ7AA_o-_Ly-2EhIXxV8Q

■Inquiries to:
Disaster Prevention THE PRESS Production Executive Committee Secretariat
Contact person: Kazuo Yamamoto

TEL: 03-6859-1167
Email: Kazuo_Yamamoto@sbt.co.jp
URL: https://jdprc.jp/

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