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ISHIGAKI was established in 1958 to produce, sell and maintain machinery for the manufacturing industry. In response to the needs of customers looking for more user-friendly equipment, the Company began manufacturing its own vacuum-type string filter, taking its first step as a filter and dehydrator manufacturer.
In the field of disaster prevention, we have been manufacturing and selling pumps for flooding since 1979, but now we developed new pump gate system for flood control “FLOOD BUSTER” in 2015.
FLOOD BUSTER can be installed existing waterways directly, there are many advantages such as High reliability, Easy operation, Small construction site, Short construction period and Low cost of construction.
In recent years, inundation damage has increased in Southeast Asian countries because of rapid urbanization and climate change. ISHIGAKI has worked for safe and secure life without flood damage through FLOOD BUSTER.

Industrial Classification / Corporate Specialty in the Classification

Manufacture and sale of filters, separators, pumps

Flood Control

Bosai Speciality

Major Bosai Solutions

  • The Latest Pump Gate System for Flood Control "FLOOD BUSTER"
  • Design and execution of water supply and sewage equipment and pumps.

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Corporate Profile


1-6-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005, JAPAN

Tel. : +81-3-6848-7831

E-mail : masaaki.itoishigaki.co.jp

Website : https://www.ishigaki.co.jp/floodbuster/en/

Date of Establishment : April, 1960

Capital : 1 miilion yen

Numbers of Employees : 508 / as of 1st Sep 2023

Countries of Office Location :

Japan, Tokyo(Head Office) Kagawa Pref(Factory)

Last update: 17 November, 2023