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Comprehensive Lightning Protection

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We provide these solutions that protect electric and electronic equipment from lightning damage using surge protective devices (SPD), protect buildings and other facilities from lightning strikes by installing lightning rods and eliminate unnecessary potential differences that occur during lightning strikes by implementing equipotential bonding with a ground resistance reducing material (SAN-EARTH).

Solution Illustrated

Surge Protective Devices(SPD)

■SPD voltage suppression effect


High insulation lightning protection system

In systems where lightning current is directed through a lightning rod, through the iron framework of a building and then into the ground, nearby equipment can be affected by electromagnetic induction.  The high insulation lightning protection system, completely isolates the lightning current route from the building, so there is no lightning current running through the building.


Soil Resistivity Reducing Agent–SAN-EARTH (M5C)

SAN-EARTH is a high-quality coarse grained conductor mainly
composed of cement and carbon produced by petroleum refining.
■ Excellent grounding effect
Powdered and grained SAN-EARTH comes into intimate contact
with soil over a large effective area, thus delivers excellent
grounding effect .
■ Easy to handle, cost effective
M5C does not need water when being installed.
Ready for use on stumping, bedrock projections, and hilly
■ Preventing electrolytic corrosion
Cement with excellent corrosion resistance
Covering earth metals results in excellent corrosion resistance.
■ Other applications
Usable for boring or undersea earthling method.
SAN-EARTH (M1C) mortar can be applied to bedrock area or
concrete surface which then are covered with protective mortar.


In recent years, local lightning strikes have been identified in many countries including Japan, due to global abnormal weather. Lightning is one of the most frequent disasters occurring close to us.
Social infrastructures are mainly operated by electric and electronic communication systems. Therefore, they are always facing to lightning disaster risks.
The smooth operation of these social infrastructures cannot be considered without comprehensive lightning protection measures.

Exposition of the Solution

SPD: product lineup


High insulation cables for deep embedded earthing

SAN-EARTH (M5C) Strip Installation Work


Achievements of Examples

Application example of SPD

■SPD for low voltage power systems

■SPD for telecommunications


Application example of High
insulation cables


Application example of SAN-EARTH (M5C)

■Mesh grounding electrode

■Ring grounding electrode

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