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Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.

Hydraulic Model Experiment

Our Hydraulic Laboratory offers a wide range of testing facilities in the Hydraulic Model Test Building and the River Experimental Yard to meet all needs related to hydraulic design.


Our hydraulic model test and river experiment station can provide real test result of river structures and drainages which were designed.
The dimensions of the hydraulic model test building are 35m by 80m and has a water supply and drainage system (8 lines, maximum capacity of 1.2 m3/s).
The dimensions of the river experiment station are 50 m by 140 m and has a water supply and drainage system (6 lines, maximum capacity of 1.2 m3/s)

Solution Illustrated

Experimantal Facilities
River experiment station
Spillway of a concrete gravity dam (left), Sabo Dam (right)



We, Nippon Koei has provided enginnering services of river and dam designs since the company was found. This hydraulic model test facility is made for the experiment of designed structures which were the most difficult.
The experiment is still conducted even it have been almost replaced by computer simulations, that provides clarification of type and scale of designed stuctures and prediction of river-induced natural disasters.

Exposition of the Solution

This experimental facility can test:
  • River structures: bridge pier, diversion weir and side overflow weir of flood control reservoir
  • Sewerage systems: diversion weir, drop shaft and long inverted siphon
  • Dams: spillway and sabo dam

Achievements of Examples

We conducted many experience for experimental works from Japanese central and local governments.

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