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Gathering and Providing of Tsunami Disaster Information System

for traffic regulation and evacuation guidance in tsunami disasters caused by earthquake


・Traffic regulation and evacuation guidance from area where heavy damage is anticipated.
・Automatic control by metrological data in J-Alert(The system of quick inform the public of various threats in Japan).
・Designed the information display to easy visible in everywhere.
・Select the best way to communicate line in a time of disaster.
・Display by backup power supply in case of outage.

Solution Illustrated


It will be liable to inflict further damage for the reasons as follows,
  • Alarm is not notified
  • Too many points to cordon to area of devastation
  • Not recognized to be a dangerous place
  • Who do not know the direction and where to evacuate
  • Breaking of communication wire or outage
  • Too busy to operate in time

Exposition of the Solution

  • The system is capable to input alarm from Meteorological Agency on line.
  • The equipment can be install in important approach roadway.
  • It designed the information display to easy visible in everywhere(letter height, color, type of installation).
  • It can be carried out such as the indication of evacuation and transmission of alarm information.
  • It can be used for traffic control at the time of disaster recovery.
  • It is capable to select the best way to communicate line in a time of disaster.
  • The equipment saving power, so easy to power backup.
  • The display shall indicated the emergency information obtained from other system automatically.
  • The type of equipment are waterproof and it has reliability and maintainability.

Achievements of Examples

  • Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau (Tsunami disaster information display system)
  • Miyagi Prefecture tsunami disaster information display system (for roadway and coast)
  • Fukushima Prefecture tsunami disaster alarm system (water gate for swollen river)
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism dam discharge information alarm system, river information display system

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